Gardening Blog – Time of plenty – but not plenty of time

It’s been a tricky month and my poor old allotment has suffered.  There’s been plenty of produce but little time to pick it. Thanks to friends for sharing (and appearing to enjoy) the rather large courgettes and many bags full of runner beans!

This is what my allotment neighbours have been doing:

  • Shallots and onions have been dug up and allowed to dry in the sun.
  • Early potatoes have all been dug up and enjoyed.
  • Now that summer raspberries are over, the old canes have been cut and the new ones left for next year’s crop.
  • Beetroot and carrots are being picked as they’re needed.
  • Sweetcorn is being cooked as soon as possible after picking for the best flavour.
  • Courgettes are being picked every other day before they grow too large.

Top tips

  • Plant out leeks in the space left by potatoes.
  • Dig main crop potatoes whenever they’re needed.  Cutting the tops off the potato plants a few days before digging improves the skins.
  • Keep picking beans and courgettes to keep them cropping.
  • Pick and enjoy autumn raspberries.
  • Keep brassicas protected from pigeons.
  • Keep celeriac watered.
  • Keep using the hoe to control weeds and to prevent cracks forming in the soil under the hot sun.