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Eco Henley Group Propose Green Walls to Tackle Pollution

Last week Eco Henley, a small pressure group working under the umbrella of Henley in Transition, whose mission is to reduce the pollution levels in Henley to an acceptable level met at Phyllis Court.

Richard Francis, an Environmental Tuner from Hurst was invited to the meeting to give a talk on what can be done to help cleanse the polluted air of Henley which is said to be 40% higher than allowed.

Richard said, “Recent information from the media tells us that researches are discovering that the particulates in the polluted areas (one of the worst is the 4 way junction at Greys Road) can cause Alzheimers and that 50,000 of deaths each year are attributed to pollution.” He highlighted three other sites.

Richard presented the group with loads of data which showed how this is getting worse and worse. Richard’s proposed solution is to clean the air with the help from plants and trees that ingest the pollution.  His favourite way of cleansing the air is with active green walls, filled with plants that do the job.  The walls can be either small or large and once in place cleanse a huge area. They are high tech and very attractive.
Chairman Jim Stoner said, “We are hoping to attract enough interest to encourage some local funding for this very important project to protect the health and well being of the Henley residence and visitors to the town.”

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