Phyllis Court Members Enjoy River Pursuits

canoe-club-2In 1906 Henley’s Phyllis Court Club was founded by Captain Roy Finlay & Friends as ‘a select Riverside pleasure club – to offer maximum comfort, convenience and entertainment…’

Geraldine Clayton a member of the Kayak and Canoe Club said, “Musing on this – 110 years later – it is pleasing to realise that good ideas put into practice do matter, and do last.  Like the ever flowing Thames, Phyllis Court members come and go as the years pass by, but the Club continues to thrive and bring much pleasure, comfort, convenience and entertainment.”

The club’s members organise themselves into interest groups that generate their own entertainments and enjoyments – croquet, tennis, bridge, classical music, art studies, computer science, fine dining, wine tasting, classical cars, aviation & railways, river & boating, sculling, canoeing and kayaking ….. and many more.

The partnership between Phyllis Court Club and the river continues to delight – as may be seen in the happy faces of the Kayak and Canoe Group two sunny summer Sundays ago – gathered in front of a bridge on the backwater near Wargrave.

In the picture above two members of Kayakers are offering refreshment to a swan as they queue to enter Marsh Lock you will see that the prettier of the two kayakers is none other than Henley’s well known star classical pianist – Anita D’Attellis, who performed at Henley’s ‘Last Night of the Proms Concert’ last weekend.

If you are interested in becoming a member, contact Michelle White at

Phyliss Court Canoe & Kayak club