Donate Your Winter Fuel Payment and Help Others in Need

winter-fuel-allowanceA call for people to donate some of their Winter Fuel allowance was launched by the Henley Lions Club last week.

The Government gives a Winter Fuel Allowance to all pensioners, and Henley Lions are asking if those who are better off would consider giving just some of this to help those in the Henley area who are struggling with fuel bills or debt.

Henley Lions Club is working with NOMAD & Citizens Advice Henley to identify families or individuals in need of financial support because they are in fuel poverty or fuel debt (unable to pay off their entire bill).

Ian Tritton, Chair of Henley Lions said, “The winter fuel allowance is not means tested. Not all feel they should get it and some feel they would like some or all to go to those in hardship struggling to pay fuel bill or in fuel debt – help them keep warm in winter. Although paying fuel bills is not just a challenge in winter.  This is an opportunity to set up a fund and ring fence it solely to assist with fuel debt which will attract donations from Winter Fuel payment recipients. We cannot claim to be the first – other Lions Clubs and organisations have been working with their Citizen Advice and other local support groups successfully raising money and helping those struggling to pay heir fuel bills. Henley Lions has worked with NOMAD & CAB over many years delivering relief to those on hard times – essential equipment, sometimes helping with debt   It’s amazing in fact and Henley Lions Members are proud of their contribution to the community!”

Information leaflets will be available at libraries, surgeries and a range of places in and around Henley and the surrounding villages.

Donations can be made online via – click on ‘Donate’ and please identify your donation as ‘Winter Fuel Project’

Donations can also be made by cheque or bank transfer. Please email or telephone 0845 833 7387 for information

There is the opportunity to Gift Aid donations.

All monies raised will be deposited in the Henley Lions Charity Trust Account and will be ring-fenced for the Winter Fuel Project.

Henley Lions are grateful to the Shanly Foundation for funding costs to launch the project

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