Brownies Take a Tour of Leander and Race on Ergos

1st Henley Brownies at Leander 1st Henley Brownies at Leander 1st Henley Brownies at Leander 1st Henley Brownies at Leander 1st Henley Brownies at Leander

1st Henley Brownies were honoured and privileged to be invited to have a tour of Leander Club last week.

Emily Carmichael (pictured above) with the Brownies took the girls on a tour of this world premier rowing club.  Emily told the Brownies how the club was formed before showing them around which included the trophy cabinets, a gold medal from the London 1908 Olympics, the canteen where the athletes eat over 6,000 calories a day, the library where the world’s biggest collection of rowing books is on display and where the athletes ‘chill’ before racing at Henley Royal Regatta before having a race on the rowing ergos in the gym.

Emily joined the Leander Squad in January 2014, just two months after having taken up the sport. Emily said she took up rowing because she didn’t want to go through life thinking ‘what if’. Before rowing, Emily was a passionate horse rider and trialled for the GB dressage team. Rowing is in Emily’s blood: her father Malcolm won bronze in the 1980 Moscow Olympics in the men’s pair.  Emily told the Brownies, “When I was 10, Sir Steve Redgrave asked me if I would like to take up rowing but I said I loved my pony and riding too much.” Success came quickly for Emily, in her first year of rowing, she made the semi final of Henley Royal Regatta in the Leander women’s quad and has gone on to win the fours head in the Leander Quad, winning the elite pennant in 2015.

Michaela Clarke, Leader of 1st Henley Brownies said, “The Brownies had so many questions for Emily about her training and the club.  Emily was absolutely brilliant with the girls and made the tour really fun – the ergo racing was very competitive too.  Many of the Brownies have had rowers to stay and told Emily stories of how much they eat whilst staying with them.  I am very grateful to Tim Dickson, a Brownie Dad who works at Leander’s main sponsor, Invesco Perpetual who organised this very special outing for us in this Olympic year.”


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