From Little Acorns Grow… Tilebarn Wood Thriving

From little acorns grow… 5 years on, the oak trees along with other varieties of trees planted by members of Henley in Transition, Henley Wildlife Group, Henley in Bloom, Henley Lions  in Tilebarn Wood were seen thriving and maturing well on Saturday on the 5 year anniversary.

In 2011, 270 native trees were planted providing a wildlife haven and picnic and recreation area for local families on Henley Town Council land which is sited off the Tilebarn Close footpath which runs alongside the college playing fields, on the slope above the Sue Ryder Memorial Wood.

On Saturday, the Mayor was joined by members of Henley in Transition to plant two more oak trees.  The first one was from a lady who worked and lived at Sue Ryder who donated 16 oak trees originally that she’d grown from acorns – this one was too small to plant back then and the other was a sampling that Gill Dodds found in her garden.  Gill said, “We’ve placed crystals around each tree again as the lady from Sue Ryder believed that this would help each tree flourish.”

“I remembered the date we planted the trees as my daughter-in-law was in labour at the time and produced a little boy, Indy, that evening!  Thanks to everyone, including the Mayor for joining us at the reunion.  It is a wonderful collaborative venture and I so pleased to see the wood flourishing”, added Gill.

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