Sacred Heart Pre-School Gets a Bit of TLC

It was a brilliant turn out for the TLC Day at the Sacred Heart Pre-School this weekend. Armed with rollers, brooms, wallpaper and an abundance of cleaning products, parents, partners, family and friends took to the grounds & building of the Pre-School to give it a thorough clean and re-model.

As a small charity and parent led committee Pre-school, volunteers and fundraising play an essential role in the up-keep and daily running of the Pre-school. Having such dedicated and supportive parents and staff, enables us them to maintain the grounds and building, make improvements when they can and ensure that all the children that attend can enjoy a clean, warm and fun environment.

Veronika Cintra, Pre-school leader said “ We can’t thank the families enough, thank you for all of the hours you put into it & for all of the contributions you made, the pre-school looks fantastic inside and out”.

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