Santa Starts on Sleigh Route Tonight

The Round Table’s Santa Sleigh will be appearing on the streets this week, from tonight (Tuesday 6 Dec) through to Sunday with an appearance in Market Square at the Festive Sunday Shopping event.

There will be the opportunity to have a #HenleySantaSelfie and sweets for the children.  All donations welcome and will go directly to fantastic local causes:

Santa’s parade starts from the 6 December at 6pm weekdays,  5pm weekends and end around 8pm along the following routes:

Tues 6 DecemberSt Andrews Road area, inc. Gainsborough Estate
Wed 7 DecemberPeppard Lane area (Belle Vue, Berkshire, Manor Roads etc.)
Thurs 8 DecemberHarpsden Road area
Fri 9 DecemberLower Shiplake
Sat 10 DecemberValley Road
Sun 11 DecemberKings Road and Town Centre
  1. Rose says:

    So there’s no children in Mount View, Luker Ave or Crisp Road area then you skipped this way last year too .. but always manage to do gainsborough area disappointed is an understatement

    • Trevor Michel says:

      Dear Rose, The Kings Road and Centre route includes Mount View and the Luker Avenue, Crisp Road area. I wasn’t well enough to take part last year, so can’t confirm the estate was done, although nothing changed that I am aware of, but I did do all the Luker Avenue estate 2 years ago. It is our intention to do the estate on Sunday, after the Christmas Festive Shopping Event in Market Place. I hope this answers your query. Trevor Michel – Chairman Henley Round Table.

  2. Andrew gosby says:

    So he is avoiding the council estates basically, obversely going up Gainsbough to keep certain people happy, peppard lane doesn’t have many houses on where people will come out as most of the houses are situated off the road so they won’t hear him coming, again those who stuggle in this town but stay and spend what money they can here miss out. Thanks once again for nothing Henley

    • Trevor Michel says:

      Dear Andrew, The Harpsden Road route contains the Watermans Road and Noble Road area and is in fact one of HRT’s favourite routes as we are always so well received. The Kings and Centre route contains the Luker Avenue estate and will be done on Sunday after the Christmas Festive Shopping Event in market Place. We aim to do as much as we can with the resources we have available to us as volunteers, and wouldn’t want anyone to miss out, wherever they live. I am sorry if the labelling of the routes is confusing and hope to see you on Sunday afternoon/evening. Trevor Michel – Chairman Henley Round Table.

    • Louise says:

      No, not being avoided. The town centre route was cancelled last year due to not enough help (it’s the town centre route that’s also cover Crisp Rd as they are town centre)
      This is an event run by volunteers who tirelessly give up their time to bring some magic to the town. They do their best.

      • Andrew says:

        I completely understand it is volunteered and I strongly support it and give money every year but not matter what without fail it seems certain estates get done over others.

  3. christine atkinson says:

    HI there
    Very excited that Santa has time to visit Shiplake. Do you know the route and times please so we don`t miss him as we are down a little side street and he won`t come this way.


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