Badgemore’s Beautiful Luminous Lanterns

Last Friday, year five and six students at Badgemore attended the annual lantern parade in order to commence the late night shopping.

On the Wednesday before the lantern parade, the children were lucky enough to participate in a lantern making workshop.  The workshop was organised by the River and Rowing Museum. Working in pairs, they followed instructions to create their own unique designs using a range of materials.

The lanterns were cylinders, with bamboo sticks as handles.  They had fairy lights inside which lit up different coloured plastic and made a beautiful effect.

The children walked down to Hotel du Vin from their school, where they met other participants in the Lantern Parade and got hotdogs and drinks.

At just past five o’clock, the children left  the hotel and proceeded on the parade. They went up New Street and down a path leading them to a graveyard just outside the fair.  They walked into the festival and up to the Christmas tree.

They then listened to a speech, watched some dancing and waited for the Christmas tree lights to be  turned on.

Overall, it was an exciting affair and one that no-one will be forgetting any time soon!

By Beatrice

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