Review of 2016 from Young Luz

Well, 2016.

It’s been a long year with ups and downs. Mostly downs.

Kylie Jenner was right, 2016 has been the year of realising stuff – realising how much our society needs help.

Firstly, everyone famous died.

Then Brexit came along and made everything worse,

After that they took away our baking show, which is thankfully (kind of) coming back! Thank god not everything was awful this year.

And if everything wasn’t already bad enough, there’s the presidential election. R.I.P. America.

There has been so many deaths in 2016. Seems like everyone just decided to drop dead to avoid this year. Perhaps, they knew what was going to happen. Some of the saddest include Prince, Christina Grimmie, Alan Rickman (A.K.A. Snape) and of course, David Bowie.

And when you thought nothing could get any worse, BOOM! Toblerone shrinks.

At least it wasn’t all bad, some good things did happen!

For example, the tiger population has increased for the first time in a 100 years, and giant pandas are no longer endangered! Also, Netflix has now added a feature that allowed you to download shows to watch offline. And talking about Netflix and such, it has been officially announced that there is going to be a second season for the hit-TV-series Stranger Things, which has been confirmed to air in July of 2017!

We’re all hoping next year will be better, but isn’t that what we say every year?

We all want 2016 to be over, and hopefully 2017 will be better. But deep inside we all know that humanity has no hope. Just kidding! But seriously, what has the human race come to?

Overall, this year has been one of the weirdest, and it has made us realise what’s really going on around us by throwing it in our face like bricks. At least we can learn from it, and make sure things are better next year!

Luz, aged 11
Badgemore Primary School

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