Have Your Say – Electric Cars are Making the News

What a pleasant surprise!  Following the several pieces of news about cities banning diesel and a group being formed in the UK called ‘Doctors against Diesel’ because of serious health impacts, it was easy to accept an invitation from Kevin Fitzsimons to take a spin in his Nissan Leaf. The image I now have is that is mostly just like a conventional car but it is very smooth and quiet with excellent acceleration. Amazing!

Kevin’s analysis is that he is saving over £100 per month on ‘fuel’ from his daily 50 mile round trip, pays no vehicle road tax and has a car maintenance budget of about £100 per annum! He uses Ecotricity as his home energy supplier so gets to use those Motorway recharging points for free. The range is about 150 miles but recharging the car overnight every other day is no problem for Kevin. With many car manufacturers now moving into the electric scene, the next few years should be exciting and hopefully we can soon stop killing each other on the streets of Henley. Kevin for one cannot imagine buying another internal combustion engine car ever again.

David Dickie
Clean Air for Henley

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  1. David Brough says:

    Great idea – must be the way to go but – you can’t hear some/most of these cars coming. I think they should be fitted with a car noise maker!


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