Henley Children’s Hopes and Dreams for 2017

Children from Bagemore Primary School have written about their Hopes and Dreams for 2017 – perhaps members of Henley Town Council should take notice of these….

Pollution Level in Henley

Over the last couple of days, I have seen clouds of smoke rise into the air near my house; many from fires and cars. If our community does not do anything about this pollution our wildlife will die.

Cars are the biggest problem, every day at least 1,000 cars go through Henley which is causing most of the pollution around where we live.

My dream for 2017 is that our town, Henley-on-Thames, becomes a car-free zone and that we all do our bit to protect the environment and the future.

By Archie, Age 11

My hopes for Henley’s happiness

I hope that people in Henley get more in tune with nature and begin to admire the beautiful landscape that they live in: for instance taking a walk in the woods or feeding the ducks.

Personally, I love the idea of trees being planted in the more polluted parts of Henley: on main roads and blocked-up corners to make the air fresher and nicer to live, play and grow up in.

In addition, I think it would be a brilliant idea for people to make their gardens more wildlife-friendly, from attracting hedgehogs, to buying a new compost bin.

By Beatrice, age 9

Brexit for Children

This year I would like people to think about Brexit. I am only a child, but it feels wrong.

It does not feel right that some of our friends’ parents want someone like me (I am an immigrant) out of this country.

I think that some people have not considered facts like: there are around 137,000 people from Spain living in the UK, but there are around 700,000 people from the UK living in Spain.

So my hope is that people consider the hidden impact of Brexit.


You need to get rid of the weeds!

This year I hope that plant beds and nature in and around Henley are considered and looked after. The people of Henley need to take action by gardening and weeding to make our town a better place to live, play and grow up in.

If people start to take action then there will be colourful, happy, flower-filled plant beds that will make you smile all over the town.

Especially, in the summer gardening can be a great team building activity for your family; you can know that you have done something great for your community.

By Amelia

Create a Henley Kid’s Club

I hope that in 2017 Henley opens a kid’s club that children can go to after school or on the weekend. This will allow parents to have a rest because they usually have to be with their children or work all day.  It will also allow children time to play with their friends and also make new ones! I just think that if we have a kid’s club then children can get more active and socialise instead of being glued to computers or phones.

By Clara


I hope this year I do well in SATS because if I fail I will probably have to redo them in year 7. I’ve never found school easy because I keep worrying if I get things wrong. At the end of the day, I know the most important thing is that I try.

Sometimes I get butterflies in my stomach because I’m so nervous at school. SATS are scary for some year 6s because they might fail.

I just hope that I do well in my SATs.

By Poppy

Hopes and Dreams For 2017

Thankfully 2016 is over and a new year has arrived. Hopefully 2017 will be better, well, that’s what we say every year.

To start things off “PEOPLE, NO MORE LITTERING Please.” I love animals and it makes me sad when they eat and sometimes choke on rubbish that some of us have dropped. I hope you understand that dropped litter can be very bad for animals’ health and sometimes can cause DEATH!

Maybe as a community we can acquire more bins around Henley because I think that this would really help reduce the amount of dropped litter.

I want to do the best I can to stop all this and hopefully you do too.

By Ceejay


I hope people stop littering because it is spoiling our town. Littering can kill plants and it is destroying the environment because it can put animals in danger. There is a particular risk to the following animals who live around Henley: foxes, badgers, rabbits, ducks, squirrels, dogs and cats.

But if we were to stop littering, the plants and flowers would have a better environment too.

So please stop littering because we need plants and wild life to flourish in our town, Henley.

By Jake age 9

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