Have Your Say – Conservative Pollution Manifesto Guarantee

Electric cars are gradually making the news. Did you see a Tesla car easily win  a zero to 60mph contest against a very high powered combustion vehicle on Countryfile this week?  They were also on display in Market Place last week.

Surprising and similar to the Nissan Leaf experience I reported recently. It might well be worth a new look at these offerings following the Henley Town Council meeting on 3 January. It was heartening to hear the Conservatives through Will Hamilton confirm their manifesto that guarantees that the traffic survey will curb congestion and drive out pollution. This is in the context of having 26 days in December above the European standards on pollution and the many new houses to be built in the Henley area. Since 2007 no actions have been forthcoming in Henley to address the pollution levels and those that have been mentioned such as Electric Car charge points and Birch Trees do not seem to materialise. Last week the UK Chief Medical Officer stated that the deaths from the pollution issue can only be addressed if we urgently phase out diesel vehicles. I do hope the residents of Henley begin to consider their own and their childrens’ health when they next purchase a car. It is the only way to guarantee Clean Air for Henley.

David Dickie
Clean Air for Henley


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