Jo Haley Hosts Ground-breaking Film About Body Image

Henley based Image Consultant and Makeup Artist, Jo Haley is hosting a special screening of the new documentary, Embrace, all about body image.  The documentary has been made by Body Image Movement Founder, Taryn Brumfitt and is being screened at Maidenhead Odeon on Monday 6 February at 6.30pm

The documentary has become a social media phenomenon and was crowd funded via Kickstarter (a funding platform dedicated to making creative projects happen) and is now being hosted around the world by Demand Films. Local hosts offer to publicise the film and when a certain number of tickets are sold the event becomes live.

Host Jo Haley said, “I am extremely passionate about this subject and feel Embrace should be watched by everyone and I really do mean everyone…men and women alike. In my profession I come across many women that struggle with the way their body looks, so this film and the Body Image Movement are making waves globally to encourage us all to love ourselves the way we are, so that together, we can stamp out this media storm of the Perfect Body, whatever that is and embrace our uniqueness.

Jo was lucky enough to attend the UK premiere of Embrace at the Odeon in Covent Garden. The event was opened by Taryn herself and she closed the evening with a Q & A session. Many of the 200 strong audience were reduced to tears in this moving, inspiring, uplifting and sometimes shocking documentary.  Although we are not being taught something new, it somehow seems more real using ladies, their stories and listening to how they went from body loather to body lover.

So, embrace your body ~ after all, it is the vehicle to your dreams.

#Ihaveembraced. Will you?

To get tickets for the February 6th event go to


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