Badgemore’s Brilliant Battle

Teachers are so strange, Badgemore Primary School teachers especially. Honestly, they say not to be violent then make you hold a colossal medieval battle.

They tried to keep us out!

They tried to keep us out!

Badgemore’s whole school topic this term has been knights and castles, so Rowan Class made cool castles and Cedar Class made wonderful weapons to destroy the castles.

The battle itself took place on the school field: AKA The Battle Ground.

The weapons that the children came up with were incredible, there were weapons like: catapults, trebuchets and bows and arrows.

Cedar Class’s teacher, Mr Hoskins, had dug out the dressing up costumes and the children transformed themselves into peasant, knights and queens.

The battle was great – Rowan and Cedar class took turns using the weapons and shooting the castles.  It was a huge success, the children loved it and so did the teachers!

Fortunately, the castles were too strong and stayed standing throughout.

Aggie, Cedar Class

Castles by Rowan Class

Castles by Rowan Class



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