Nile House Win Music Competition with Hits from 60s

Nile House won the House Music Competition at Rupert House School on Friday with songs from the 60s which included Surfin’ USA, Stand by Me and I’m a Believer.

Each house chose music from a decade with choreographed performances of hits from every decade from 1960 to the millennium. This was designed to get children listening to different types of popular music, not just current music.  The girls were also encouraged to discuss their song choices with their parents and families who may have enjoyed listening to that era of music when they were younger.  Amazon House chose the 70s, Everest the 80s and Sahara the 90s.

In addition, in each of the four houses there was a solo singer, a pianist and an instrumentalist to perform and compete for their houses.  The Chamber Choir also performed.

There are three judges: Jon Woodhouse, one of the peripatetic music teachers who has a wealth of performance experience, and two of the staff team at Rupert House, taking on the roles of Simon Cowell et al. The Mayor of Henley, Councillor Julian Brookes was invited for a special visit to help to judge the House Songs at the end.

The Mayor said, “It was very cool, great entertainment and I really enjoyed it.  It’s great to see so many young children with so much enthusiasm.  Congratulations to Nile House for winning and I’d like to thank the school for for inviting me.”

The Head of Rupert House School, Mrs Clare Lynas, commented that: “This is a new departure for the Music Department and the enthusiasm amongst the children is delightful to see.  The standard of choral singing here has always been very high and standards in instrumental music are rising rapidly, as witnessed by the Music Scholarships we win.  I am thrilled to witness the independence and initiative shown by the girls in this latest project.”