Henley YMCA Reach Their Target to Purchase Lease

Henley YMCA today are pleased to announced that they have raised £570k to purchase the 62 year lease for their accommodation buildings for young people at their site in Lawson Road.

They launched a campaign in October 2015 to raise the money after YMCA England decided to sell all their building assets.  Henley YMCA already owned the land itself.

The final money was secured after Henley Town Council approved the grant of £100,000 at their Full Council meeting on Tuesday and SODC approved the loan of £169,950 at their Full Council last night (Thursday).

The Mayor, Councillor Julian Brookes who is also a YMCA Trustee said, “I’m delighted that we now have all the necessary funding in place. Next is the HCA (Homes and Communities Agency) meeting on Tuesday 7 March where we hope that they will approve our first step in the Registered Provider status which will enable Henley YMCA to apply to YMCA England for purchase of the outstanding lease and to become a full Registered Provider of Social Housing in our own right. Our thanks to our local benefactors, our councils and to the team of Lisa Grant our General Manager, Mike Ray our Governance Secretary and Rosemary Duckett our Chair of Trustees for their key roles in achieving this result.”

Lisa Grant said, “It’s fantastic news.  I’d like to thank the Mayor and Rosemary for their excellent work in achieving our target.  Thank you too to all the kind residents who made donations and to Henley Town Council and SODC for their support.  Their grant and loan demonstrates that they see the valuable services we offer to the young people in the Henley area.”