Choir Festival Presents All Time Record Cheque to Henley Branch of Parkinson’s UK

A delighted Terry Dudeney, of the Henley branch of Parkinson’s UK, was presented with a cheque for £2,041.66 by the Henley Choir Festival organisers on Thursday. The annual festival, now in its eighth year, took place last month and managed to raise an all-time record amount for the charity.

Festival organisers David Butler and Liz Hodgkin were equally pleased with the achievement. “It’s a record,” explained Liz, “We’re been doing this for eight years and it’s the biggest amount we’ve raised.” In addition to the cheque, £350 was given in gift aid. Both David and Liz were keen to convey their enthusiasm for the charity, and claimed that the money could not be going to a better cause.

The hugely successful event saw ten local choirs congregating to perform. For the first half of the evening, the choirs sang separately, before joining to sing ‘Faure Requiem’ with soloists Rebecca Bell and James Postan. Liz attributed much of the festival’s popularity to this piece of music, saying that “our main work is really popular with choirs.” She also expressed her gratitude towards everyone who took part in the show. “Everyone gives their services free of charge. I think that’s fantastic. Every bit goes to charity.”

Terry Dudeney, Chairman of the Henley branch of Parkinson’s UK, was full of praise for the festival. “It was a win-win evening. The choirs enjoyed it, the audience thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and the branch will enjoy [the donation].” The majority of the money donated will go towards research into a cure for Parkinson’s. Currently, the disease affects around one in 500 people in the UK. Terry added that he hoped a large proportion of the funds would be directed to a local facility in Oxford.

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  1. Paul says:

    Another excellent effort by our local choristers and pleasing and informative coverage of the event and of the Parkinsons cause through this well-written piece.
    Well done to the Herald.


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