Children Get Into Character for World Book Day

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Children in Henley last week celebrated World Book Day with different activities.

Rupert House School children enjoyed a visit last Monday from representatives from the Oxfam Bookshop, who told the children how they could raise money for people in war torn countries and people suffering from natural disasters.

Following that, as part of their World Book Day celebrations, Rupert House children collected and brought into school books they no longer read.  These were taken to the Oxfam book shop, which in turn will generate money for the causes Oxfam supports.

The children made bookplates and bookmarks to insert into the books that they are donating, to remind those buying and reading the books how those readers are helping people in need.

On World Book Day itself, the children were asked to bring in £1.  With the money collected, each class hopes to buy items for a community who are struggling everyday with basic needs and hygiene.  In assembly, pupils found out how they could buy animals that could provide food for communities.  They learned that a toilet might cost £20.  Most popular were the tiger worms that are used in toilet areas to make fertiliser!

Isabella Pickess, Head Girl at Rupert House, said, “The staff made a real effort to dress up and there were some great costumes.  We all enjoyed assembly, discussing the costumes and the characters.”

In addition to donating their books and money, the pupils and staff also enjoyed dressing up as their favourite book characters, in the traditional way, and teachers shared their favourite books in a special ‘World Book Day’ assembly.  Throughout the day, pupils were engaged in different book-related activities: role playing scenes, writing book reviews and writing a special story on  ‘Journeys’ for the Henley Youth Festival.

Matilda Macartney (Year 6) added, “It was also a brilliant chance to raise money in a fun way.”

Clare Lynas, Head, commneted, ” I am delighted with the enthusiasm with which the RH community approaches World Book Day.  It is crucially important to celebrate books and reading at every possible opportunity.  I am also pleased that we were able to link it to fundraising for Oxfam by donating a book from every family and I would like to thank parents and staff for their involvement.”

Children at Harpsden Pre-School loved World Book Day on Thursday – they dressed up as knights, dinosaurs, builders, princesses, super-heros, skeletons, polar bears, pirates, cats, witches and for the first time the pre-school had a visit from an elephant and a parrot! The children enjoyed sharing their favourites stories with each other.

At St Mary’s School they held a ‘Poetry Slam’ with all year groups participating and ‘performing’ their favourite poems. The children were invited to wear an accessory to illustrate their favourite poem.