Day of Action in Henley by Neighbourhood Police Officers

On Monday (13 March), your neighbourhood officers will be holding the first of a few days of action in Henley to register people to receive Thames Valley Alerts.  You may see them in your street knocking on your neighbours’ doors.

In the near future they will be sending out a survey via Thames Valley Alert in order to set the Neighbourhood Priorities for the Henley Sector.  The reason for their day of action is to ensure they have the best representative cross-section of the Henley community as possible, so that our Neighbourhood Priorities represent the views of all communities in our local policing.

Thames Valley Police spokesperson said, “You can help us to achieve this by asking your friends, family and colleagues who live in Henley to sign up to receive Thames Valley Alerts either by visiting and registering, by asking a police officer you see who may be able to register you on their phone.


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