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I am emailing regarding the dangerous parking that has become common place on the bend of Elizabeth Road as it curves round to Elizabeth Close. On average 5 cars park there daily making the blind bend even more dangerous. Most people drive slowly around the corner but I have witnessed a number of near misses as I walk my children to school. Not only do they park dangerously for drivers they also make it nearly impossible to walk around the bend as they park up on the pavement blocking the majority of it, this issue is also not helped by the overgrown bushes on the corner. I always thought pavements were for pedestrians but people often park with no consideration of others.

Elizabeth Road Resident

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  1. Anne says:

    This also happened a few years ago when contractors were working here too. Then they were parking right on the corner but at least now they are a few feet away from the corner. On that occasion the police were called and they were asked to move. That corner is not easy at the best of times and I know many cars don’t even bother to slow down. I think eventually we will have to become a one way street!

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