Beginners Guide to Designing and Making Candles at Home

‘How difficult can it be?’, you ask yourself, as you attempt to light your £30, beautifully scented candle that’s verging on empty and consider your struggling bank account. Can you really afford another? Perhaps now is the time to attempt to design and create your own candle from home. In practise, it is simple to produce a candle but start to add a scent and the formula gets a bit trickier.

As you’re only starting out, it might be best to learn how to make your basic wax candle then you can experiment with oils and fragrance later. To save you the trouble of shopping everywhere for your ingredients, you can actually buy an entire ‘candle making kit’ from the likes of that includes:

  • Wax
  • Container
  • Wicks
  • Wick sustainers
  • Candle Tak
  • Instructions

However, if you want to do it all yourself then you will still need all of the above ingredients but can simply opt for a different container that perhaps suits your interior décor better. As with all things crafty, Pinterest is full of ideas when it comes to candle containers. A really effective look is in an old-fashioned tea tin or a vintage teacup, but it’s entirely up to you.

You may also want to choose a different wax to paraffin. Soya candles are really popular at the moment because of their ability to burn slowly and they’re made from natural ingredients. However, soya wax is more expensive and harder to wick than ordinary paraffin wax. Look for soya wax that is 100% GM free with no pesticide or herbicide use throughout it’s cultivation and remember that because soya beans are a renewable source of energy, you are also producing an eco-friendly product.

Now, it’s time to make your candle, be aware that the utensils you use are going to be difficult to clean so don’t pull out your favourite pan! You will also need a thermometer to enable you to be more accurate throughout the stages. If you’d like to dye your candle a certain colour you can buy dyes or wax crayons. The following candle making instructions are available to view as a video too, click here.

Stage 1: Melt down your wax – you need around two times the size of the container you plan to put your candle into. You need to heat this to around 185 degrees before you can add in your dye or crayons. Once you’ve hit the 185 mark start to mix in your colour, take note that the colour will look brighter in it’s liquid form so you may need to add more than you think.

Stage 2: While the wax is cooling, prepare your container by gluing the wick to the centre and then securing this to the middle of your container. Ensure it stands upright by attaching it to a pencil rested across the top of the container. You should still be able to pour wax in either side of the pencil but it still ensures that the wick stays straight and central throughout.

Stage 3: Once the wax has cooled to around 135 degrees, pour it into your container. Leave at room temperature and allow to cool over night. Once set, remove the pencil and trim the wick to around quarter of an inch high – that’s it, all done!

So, as you can see, candle making is really easy. If you were to begin adding fragrance you would do this at the same time as adding the dye, when the wax is at 185 degrees. Experiment with different essential oils and perfumes until you find a fragrance you love that suits you and your home.


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