Emergency Protection to the Highway – A4155 at Flowing Spring

County Councillor David Nimmo Smith has asked us to let Henley residents know that there has been slippage to the side of the A4155 near the Flowing Spring pub and OCC is currently investigating a scheme to stabilise the highway embankment at Flowing Spring and in the interim regularly monitor the site.

There has been some movement seen in the last month giving OCC some cause for concern, however an inspection yesterday morning has indicated that this has accelerated. The depression in the highway has now created an adverse camber and continued movement indicating a potential risk of embankment failure.

Unfortunately, and not a decision taken lightly, OCC has had to relieve any traffic loading on the area of concern.

As you are aware the road is narrow so OCC has little choice but to install two-way traffic lights, which were installed yesterday at 6pm.

OCC will ensure the traffic lights are manually controlled at both am and pm peak times in the short term, until they can evaluate if this is absolutely necessary.
In addition they will have some bespoke information signs fabricated letting people know that the embankment is weak.

OCC met with their contractor this morning to expedite a permanent repair scheme. They are investigating a number of options with their suppliers and as soon as I am able, I will let you know how quickly OCC can initiate this work. In the meantime I’m afraid the traffic lights will need to remain in position.


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