New Picture Framing Service in Henley

Jack’s Gallery is delighted to announce the opening of a new framing service from his gallery at 36 Hart Street, Henley.

Jack’s Gallery, famed as one of the top Galleries in the UK specialising in Jack Vettriano iconic artwork, has decided to extend its range of paintings and prints and to add a quality framing business.

Owner Jack Free explained “We already frame a lot of our own mounted pictures for our customers, but in the past have had to outsource the framing.  This is sometimes very time consuming for the customer as well as adding on expense.  By having our own framing service we can now offer a far wider choice of frames, mounts and glass and hope to service both existing and customers bringing in their own pictures to be framed.  Our slogan is Quality Framing at Sensible Prices and we look forward to welcoming many new visitors.”

In addition to Vettriano, Jack’s Gallery also specialises in hand thrown and hand painted ceramic wall art.  These pieces are individually made for Jack’s Gallery by a Catalan Artist and are totally different to other pieces of artwork.  The futuristic scenes of Barcelona in turquoise, blues and silvers are simply stunning.

Not to be missed either are the contemporary canvases with vibrant colours, forms and styles.  A small gallery with a lot to offer.

For all framing requirements visit Jack’s Gallery at 36 Hart Street, Henley-On-Thames. RG9 2AU Tel: 01491 571387.  Email:


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