Hart Street to Re-open at 6am Thursday

After four days of gridlock around Henley due to repairs on a sewer, Hart Street will re-open at 6am tomorrow (Thursday).

Thames Water have now made the following statement about why they need to make the repair:

Alex Saunders, network manager for Thames Water, said: “We’ve been on Hart Street since Sunday repairing the sewer, and we’ve got the work done ahead of schedule and re-opened the road.

“We’re sorry for the inconvenience the road closure caused, but this was crucial work which we needed to carry to prevent nearby properties from being flooded.

“The defects to the sewer were caused by a large amount of fat, oil, grease and other items in the sewer solidifying – commonly known as a fatberg. Every year we tackle 85,000 blockages like this, which is why our message is simple: If it’s not poo, pee or toilet paper, please ‘Bin it – don’t block it’.

“We will be visiting local businesses in the near future to remind them of their legal requirements and their responsibility to ensure that fat, oils and greases are removed correctly.”



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