The Holy Trinity Churchyard Reinvigorates Charming Millennium Garden

The Henley Wildlife Group, led by Sally Rankin, is working to reinvigorate the charming Millennium Garden in the Holy Trinity Churchyard. The Millennium Garden was created by the late Maurice Litchfield with a range of native wildflowers, including primroses, red and white campion, and nettle-leaved bellflower.

Ms Rankin, Chair of the Henley Wildlife Group, explained “The Millennium Garden has been looked after on an ad hoc basis, but it is now in need of attention to make it into a good wildlife garden once again.”

On Tuesday 11th April 2017, Ms Rankin, with the support of Liz Hodgkin’s Henley in Bloom Gardening Buddies, started weeding and digging to restore this charming area of the Trinity Churchyard.

The Mayor, Councillor Julian Brookes, met with the Ms Rankin, Ms Hodgkins and the Gardening Buddies to mark the official commencement of the restoration project. He said, “It was lovely to see local groups working together to bring back native flowers to the charming Trinity Churchyard. I can see the Millennium Garden will be a delightful space, once all the unwanted vegetation has been removed and the native wildflowers have been allowed to thrive once again. I wanted to thank them personally for their considerable work for the town.”

Ms Rankin, who has been involved with the Henley Wildlife Group for over twenty years, talked about the various wildflowers and showed the group which vegetation needs to be removed. Ms Hodgkins from the Henley in Bloom Gardening Buddies said, “You can learn everything from Sally!”

The Henley Wildlife Group’s main aim is to improve Henley’s open spaces for wildlife. They are currently working on several projects around Henley, including encouraging wildflowers on the bank in Greys Road.


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