Gillotts Students Take on Careers Challenge Day

Army team building tasks and mock job interviews faced Year 10 students at their annual Careers Day before they broke up for the Easter holidays.

Students were asked to prepare a CV and given a list of possible interview questions before the day and were asked to come dressed in business attire to meet local employers who had volunteered their time.

The Army South East Recruiting Group Outreach Team facilitated the five team building tasks which included a power bag relay (with weights of 10, 15 and 20kg), a tug of war and an island crossing challenge.  Louis Rogowski who was leading the day said, “The team building tasks get the students working as a team, help to build their confidence and improve their communication skills.  It’s a real pleasure to come here today to see the students take on these tasks.”

Headteacher, Catharine Darnton said, “The Careers day was such an important opportunity for Year 10.  The team building activities with the army were a great contrast to the formality of the mock interviews, yet both gave students valuable support in thinking about and preparing for their next steps beyond Gillotts.  We are really grateful to all the employers who so generously gave their time to make the day possible.”

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