The Sceptics and Believers Discussion Group Meeting – The Origin of Life

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The Sceptics and Believers Discussion Group will be spending an evening exploring “The Origin of Life” on Monday 24th April.  They will again be at their new venue, The Red Lion Hotel and warmly welcome new members.

Over 150 years ago Charles Darwin gave us an explanation for how simple life forms evolved into the amazing variety of life we see today.  Darwin speculated that life started in a “warm little pond” and it seems amazing that we have still not adequately explained the process despite all the other advances we have made. We will consider the philosophy of understanding how life can arise from undirected physical processes, the current science and the conclusions we can draw.  Should embracing a non-directed view of life affect how we see our place in the world?

Then the main format of the evening will be discussion, both as a whole group and then in  round tables.  Please come along and get involved!  No background knowledge is required to contribute, to question, to listen or to give your views.

Do come in time to buy a drink and chat before the formal start at 8pm.

Future dates:
Monday 15th May
Monday 19th Jun BBQ



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