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Full Steam Ahead For Improved Rail Service

May 21st will see the introduction of the latest revised timetable for trains on the Henley Branch Line.

This timetable will see daytime off-peak service between Henley and Twyford increased from the current schedule of every 45 minutes to being every 30 minutes.   Trains will leave Twyford every half hour from 1038 to 1608 and from Henley at approximately 23 and 53 minutes past each hour from 1022 to 1624.

Apart from there being more services overall, there’s additional benefit in trains leaving at the same time each hour, making the same connections at Twyford and thus being more memorable.

Additional services will be useful for students, visitors and workers coming in and out of Henley, and will improve accessibility to our town.

Main line services are likely to change further when electrific trains go into service between London and Paddington but we have been assured that off-peak services between Reading, Twyford and Paddington will continue to run four times an hour in the week.

Commuter services are largely unaffected with:

  • trains leaving Henley at 0606, 0636, 0708(P), 0742(P) and 0825, and with the first offpeak service at 0902.  (P = direct to Paddington)
  • trains leaving Paddington at 1706(Fast to Twyford), 1711(H), 1805(Fast to Twyford), 1810(H), 1905 (H).  (H = direct but through to Henley)

The full new timetable for the branch will be published shortly in leaflets at the station, but early copies can be obtained by emailing





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