New Baby Book Teaches Mums to Trust Their Baby’s Instincts

New baby? The reassuring news is that your baby is a highly evolved being, pre-set instinctively to survive and thrive.

Rachel Fitz-Desorgher’s book ‘Your Baby Skin to Skin’ which was published last week helps you to understand your baby and teaches you to go with their inbuilt reflexes and instinctive cues.  Rachel says, “It is the antithesis of books that promote structured routines for babies that just don’t work. My book encourages parents to trust their newborn, giving them the confidence to enjoy their baby.”

Rachel has spent the last 30 years working as a midwife, infant feeding consultant, active birth teacher and parenting specialist. As a mother of four sons, her knowledge is grounded in her own personal experience and knowledge of evolutionary biology in preparing parents for labour and birth, feeding, soothing and parenting babies and children.

Rachel has always been more interested in the parent-baby relationship than “catching” babies and co-created Henley Birthcare, a unique freelance midwifery and doula service offering bespoke care.  She has worked at Henley’s Children Centre at d:two in Henley and decided to hold her launch party at the Bell Book Shop as “it is a great independent book shop in the heart of my community.”

This is Rachel’s first published book which she says has taken 30 years to write. Each chapter starts with a Reaching back… part which looks back at primitive times on how mothers cared for themselves and their babies.

Rachel says: “If you respond to your baby’s needs you can’t get parenting ‘wrong’. No-one taught us to sneeze, we can’t get better at sneezing through practice and we can’t sneeze ‘wrong’! Likewise, a newborn baby comes ready-primed to feed, sleep and learn and cannot get these things wrong, so turn down your anxiety and learn from your little instinctive expert.”

Your Baby Skin to Skin takes parents on a reassuring and practical journey through baby’s first year, grounded in the knowledge that your baby is a highly evolved being, pre-set to thrive and survive. The book is available from Bell Bookshop priced £12.99.