Sceptics and Believers Discussion Group – Jesus the Real Man

The Sceptics and Believers Discussion Group  will be trying to get an understanding of Jesus the real man on Monday 15 May from 7.45-10pm at the Red Lion Hotel.

We will use the gospel attributed to Mark.  Some may worry about its historical accuracy but it is the best we have.  The intrigue begins when we see some strange features of Mark, such as the rich theme of secrecy which continues right through, including the only witnesses of Easter fleeing without telling the news to anyone at all.  Another feature of Mark is the disciples getting a breathtakingly bad press.  While such themes seem to show that the gospel can’t be dismissed as a tract to convince sceptics, they do raise questions.
Hence we will be discussing Mark in the safe hands of local Minister Glynn Millington. After his introductory talk the main format of the evening will be discussion, both as a whole group getting more help from Glyn and then round tables.  Please come along and get involved!  No background knowledge is required to contribute, to question, to listen or to give your views.

Do come in time to buy a drink and chat before the formal start at 8pm.

Future dates:
Monday 19th June BBQ



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