Meadows Farm Studios Start Filming The Return of The Magi

The Return of the Magi The Return of the Magi The Return of the Magi The Return of the Magi The Return of the Magi

Meadows Farm Studios in Henley have been commissioned by author, Dianne Pegler, to make a short film based on her book ‘The Sacred Order of The Magi’.

‘The Return of The Magi’ will be a sci-fi, fantasy, action film which follows Merlin,  a supreme being in human form, enlisting the help of the immortal Magi (Three Wise Men) to defeat Herod, the evil superpower capitalist.  Liz Howard is the Director,  Richard Pinches the Director of Photography and Henry Paterson will be creating the special effects which will utilise the green screen studio at Meadows Farm.  The MFS team has also been helped by their other trusted crew members and by some Henley College media students.

The film started shooting last year after Liz wrote a short story treatment from Dianne’s book.   We caught up with the cast and crew on set at St Katherine’s in Frieth last week.  Other locations that will be used are Meadows Farm Studios, Henley Hub in Station Road and the Henley Business School.

In the leading roles are Allen Watts as Melchior, Richard Worland as Merlin and Barrie Scott as Herod.

Richard said, “I’m delighted to be working on this film.  Sci-fi, fantasy is my favourite film genre and I’m able to use visual references from some of my favourite films.”

Dianne, a former officer in MI5 and a spiritual seeker wrote the first chapter of the book in 2010.  Over the next three years, she continued to write via channelled messages “The final chapter was the hardest, it took 2 days of solid writing and sobbing and it was significant that I finished it on Palm Sunday.”

This is Dianne’s first book which she self published.  It has been bought by people all over the world.  “From that first message, I kept asking myself why do I know the rest of the story?  I knew that it was a story that had to be told.  The film, although with a religious back story, has a serious message – helping humanity through the chaos of the world and what the Wise Men stood for – loyalty, commitment and service” added Dianne.

Dianne was introduced to Richard Pinches and Liz Howard at Meadows Farm Studios through her good friend Val Stoner who lives in Henley.  Dianne and Val met in Henley at a spiritualist event where author and spiritualist, Tom T Moore from Texas was speaking.  Dianne said, “I am delighted to be working with Richard and Liz at Meadows Farm Studios and that Val is also part of the team to bring my book to life.”


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