Alcohol and Exercise… A Match Made in Hell?

With the festival season (and the alcohol that often comes with it) fast approaching, have you considered the impact that it may have on your health and fitness goals? The team at The Fitness Space Henley offer some useful tips on how to limit the potential negative effect that those extra pints and glasses of champagne can have so that you can stay on the right track to hit your goals:

1) Pick your parties

People will find any excuse to party at this time of the year, so It’s up to you to decide which occasions will actually be worth the indulgence. By planning ahead you’ll increase the odds of preserving your physique. Go out, have a great time, and enjoy yourself, but choose the occasions when you plan to drink a little more carefully.

2) Choose your drink wisely

  • Choosing a light beer over the ordinary version will cut an average of 40 calories per bottle.
  • When going with a mixed drink, blend the booze with diet soda instead of regular soda.
  • Go easy on the shots. Individually they’re low in calories, but the numbers add up quickly if you start downing them in droves.
  • Drink a glass of water for every cocktail you have. This will help fill you up so you aren’t drinking alcohol to quench your thirst. Water will also keep you hydrated and minimise the effects of your hangover.
  • Stay strong and stick to the pre-determined number of drinks you allowed yourself. Hopefully that number is in the single digits.

3) Fill Up Before You Go

Don’t leave your house hungry. Hunger will undoubtedly make it tougher to make smart food choices at a party. If you do get peckish while you’re out, be conscious of the party snacks you go for. Even if you pass up on the high calorie, booze it won’t mean much if you binge on nachos and buckets of wings. Parties can be breeding grounds for high-calorie easy-to-eat food, but if you look hard you may just be able to find some more nutritious, lower calorie options like raw veggies, fresh fruit, hummus, salads, salsa, nuts and bruschetta.

So now that you know what to do to make sensible choices regarding your alcohol intake, what about getting rid of those blasted hangovers?

You will be dehydrated, so it’s important to get fluids back in your system. You’ve lost a lot of essential electrolytes and water from the night before, so you need to get those back into your system too.  Something like a Lucozade Sport or any other electrolyte containing sports drink can actually help you to get re-hydrated more quickly than just water.  Fruit juice is another good option to get you started if you don’t have any sports drinks at hand.  However, remember that this may mean you’re pumping your body full of sugary liquid calories, so make your adjustments later on.

Pounding headache?  You will more than likely still be dehydrated so lots of strenuous activity is not a great idea… however some quick light activity could even help wake you up!  Come down to the club, do some light weight-based full-body circuit work followed by some gentle low intensity cardio, and you’ll be feeling yourself in no time, ready to go again in the evening! Of course if you do feel up to it you could even book yourself in to one of our amazing group exercise classes!



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