Cub Scouts Have Wheely Fun at Annual Go Cart Competition

The 1st Shiplake Scout Group once again hosted the District Cub Scout Go Cart Competition in the small wood at the back of their Scout Hut in Binfield Heath.

Over 70 cubs and 8 teams from Stoke Row, Shiplake, Sonning Common, Goring Heath, Henley, Goring (2 teams) and Benson (first timers) packs entered their home made go carts which were built from all manner of bits and bobs.  Some had small pallets as the base, others had more metal structures as the chassis and the wheels ranged from small solid wheels to inflatable wide wheels.

Ernie Povey, from 1st Shiplake Scout Group said, “The competition has been going since 1970 , and as far as I am aware it has mostly been held at Shiplake except when the Shiplake site was too wet and it was held it at Goring Heath`s HQ.  It is one of most popular events in the District calendar.  Some of the steering controls left a lot to be desired! I’d like to thanks the helpers from the 1st Shiplake for getting the course ready,” Pete Phillips (AKA Bernie) Boss Man, Jan and Mike for getting them on the grid in time, Dave and Benjamin for scoring and to Penny for kindly loaning their go cart to Goring cubs after their catastrophic structural failure (the cart not the cubs!)”

The winners were 1st Stoke Row, with Goring coming in second place and Goring Heath in third place.



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