Cafe Scientifique Henley Presents The 100,000 Genome Project

The 100,000 Genomes Project aims to sequence the genomes of approximately 70,000 NHS patients with rare diseases and cancer.  This is currently the largest national sequencing project of its kind in the world. The ultimate goal is to create a new genomic medicine service in the NHS, transforming patient care and enabling research into the causes and treatment of genetic disease.  For some patients a genetic diagnosis will be made where this hasn’t previously been possible, for others, particularly cancer patients, there is the potential for new personalised treatments.

The talk will introduce genomics and the 100,000 Genomes Project, the challenges it faces, and how it hopes to make personalised medicine a reality. If you had your genome sequenced, what would it tell you?  Would you want to know?

Jen Whitfield, Clinical Scientist

Jude Craft, Diseases Project Manager 

Wednesday 7th June 2017 , 7:30 for 8pm at Henley Hockey Club, Jubilee Park, Reading Road, RG9 4HE.

Admission free with small voluntary donations gratefully received»

Please register for this event by sending an email to as last time we were very full.

Last minute registrations and arrivals may have to be refused.

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