Blossoming From the Heart – BeWell Centre Chelsea Fringe Event

The BeWell Centre would like to welcome you to this year’s ‘Be well’ and Mindfulness event for Chelsea Fringe Garden Festival on Monday 22 May from 12-3pm at the King’s Arms Barn. This year the centre will be celebrating Japanese healing techniques in Reiki, Shiatsu, Mindfulness, Peace, Gardening and the creative processes that lean into these practices.  There will be a flower Mandala and Zen garden in the courtyard, where you will be able to experience the interactive sense of relaxation through mindfulness. The mandala is a universal symbol for sacred space, eternity, the universe and oneness. If you have some flowers in your garden that you could contribute to the mandala, please bring them along.

The art of healing from Japan has integrated with our community and culture to give a grounded, safe and trusted experience to energy healing and shiatsu. Buddhist zen practice inspires in the benefits of mindfulness and peace, helping people to find balance, harmony and enjoy the journey of living.  Upstairs in the King’s Arms Barn there will be many practitioners available to help with health and well being including; Penny Liddell – Aromatherapy and Holistic Massage, Kate Crossland – Vortex Healing and Crystal Therapy, Nick Cooke – Deep Tissue Massage and Reiki, Ravi Singh – Diet and Nutrition, Silvina Hinton – Reiki and Shiatsu, Sandy Fitzpatrick – Reiki, Val Stoner… plus many more. In exchange for a taster session we ask for a £5 donation which goes to a local charity.

Now and Zen, is a zen garden created by Giles Reynolds, complete with sacred Japanese archway ‘Torii’, gravel, rocks and Maples. Members of the public are invited to journey through the arch and rake their own unique pattern into the gravel with the authentic style rake. People are invited to share their design by uploading an image to @chelseafringe and Instagram #thechelseafringe The garden will be launched at the same time as the ‘Blossoming of the Heart’ well-being event in the court yard. The aim of the garden is for people to interact with it and reflect on new evidence that Gardens and Gardening are proven to reduce stress and increase well-being. Zen gardens are ancient, the most famous is 15 century, users can reflect on the knowledge of our universal history, that our connection with nature is lessening as our lives become busier and technology is more advanced.


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