First Class First Aid For Gainsborough Residents

The Gainsborough residents can all feel a little safer after a group attended a First Aid course on Wednesday 17th May. The training session, organised by Paula Isaac of the Gainsborough Residents Association and Rachel Moffatt of Ladybird First Aid Training, was offered to residents free of charge to help enhance the welfare of locals.

The event was prompted by a discussion on the residents’ Facebook page, where current issues or ideas are brought up. After a young girl was involved in a playground accident, many of the residents were keen to learn more about how to deal with hazardous situations. This was a matter particularly close to Mrs. Isaac’s heart, with her daughter being a friend of the injured child. “Lots of people felt uncomfortable in helping,” explained Paula. “Off the back of that, Rachel very kindly offered to come and do some first aid training.”

Mrs. Moffat is a First Aid teacher by trade, and also lives on the Gainsborough Estate, so is no stranger herself to GRA events. Her kindness in lending her services for free did not go unappreciated, with Paula quick to recognise her generosity. The First Scouts Hall was also lent to the group for the evening at no cost.

Although the course was non-accredited, the participants gained valuable knowledge on handling a crisis. From who to call for assistance, to bandaging wounds and resuscitation, Rachel educated the group on how to approach a variety of demanding scenarios. Though many who expressed interest were unable to attend, the Residents Association are hoping to make the course an annual event in the pursuit of a safer community.


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