Aliquando Fills Christ Chuch with American Tapestry of Music

The American Tapestry Aliquando Choir concert filled the Christ Church Centre on Saturday night with music from West Side Story and other traditional American spiritual songs including Scott Joplin’s Magnetic Rag and Le Banjo, Fantaisie Grotesque, and American Sketch by the American composer Louis Moreau Gottschalk.
Anita D’Attellis, local star concert pianist was once again accompanying the choir along with Henley Symphony Orchestra violinist Mandy Beard for the first time.
Anne Evans from Aliquando Choir said, I’ve received this lovely comment after the concert which I think just sums the evening up perfectly – “Aliquando Choir’s concert ‘American Tapestry’ on Saturday 13 May exceeded all expectations.  The programme was innovative, showcasing the amazing talent of concert pianist Anita D’Attellis once again and introducing violinist Amanda Beard to a new and very appreciative audience.  The choral singing top-notch, vocal soloists Meryl Davies, Alex Haigh, Valentine Ford and Dan Evans totally convincing, audience delightful, canapes delicious – what more is there to say except ‘Bravissimo Aliquando’, we are looking forward to your next concert 4 November.”
Photos courtesy of John Downing

Mandy Beard

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