Educational Trust Presents Large Cheque to Support Counselling Programme

Maureen Smith and Liz Hodgkin, Trustees of The Henley Education Trust presented a cheque for £47,500 last week to the Henley Schools Partnership which was accepted by Gillotts Headteacher, Catharine Darnton on their behalf.

Henley Schools Partnership comprises of Gillotts School and the local state primary schools (Badgemore, Sacred Heart, Trinity and Valley Road).  The Henley Educational Trust is a local charity that has a history of providing confidential educational financial assistance to needy families since 1604. Each year the Trust supports all the local state primary schools separately as well as individual pupils with educational needs.

Catharine said, “Each year we apply to the Trust for a grant to support our ‘wellbeing programme’.  This money is used for a fantastic team of counsellors, headed up by Claire Maddock who provide counselling as well as educational psychology support and advice.  I couldn’t imagine running the school without this.  We are so grateful to the Trust who have given their ongoing commitment of this programme for many years.”

Maureen said, “We are really pleased to give this money as it it reaches so many children, across all the schools which is important to us.  The charity was originally started 200 years ago to support girls’ education.  We also provided individual grants for use such as music lessons, uniforms or education trips and to local community groups. If you don’t know about the charity or are new to area and need our help, please visit our website