Soul Sister Chaka Ain’t Just Nobody at Henley Festival

Friday night at the Henley Festival saw 70s disco diva legend Chaka Khan take to the floating stage.

The 64 year old singer arrived on stage dressed in a gold sparkly top and over the knee sparkly gold high heel boots.  Opening the set with Do You Love What You Feel afterwards Chaka said, “You look like you’re having fun already.  Thank you for having us.  We’re going sing some songs from the 70s – because we can!”

She went on to sing You’ve Got the Love, Tell Me Something Good, Hollywood, Papillon (a.k.a. Hot Butterfly) and Love Me Still (the movie track from Spike Lee’s Clockers).

Chaka then went off stage and returned after 5 minutes whilst the band played, wearing a blue sparkly top.  She said, “It’s a real honour to be here” before she sang Super Life.

Before singing her most famous hits in the encore, Chaka said, “Whether you’re man or a women, sing along with me.”  She then sang her anthem I’m Every Woman and finished with her other classic Ain’t Nobody which got everyone up on their feet.

Chaka still has a really powerful voice but at times it was inaudible because of the acoustic and microphone set-up.

After the first two nights of the Festival when the audience were up on their feet from the first song, the combination of the security personnel asking people to remain seated and a much less upbeat set meant that the audience were much more subdued until the final two encore songs.  The music finished again with pyrotechnics and fireworks beside the stage.

Most of the audience stayed on afterwards as it was a Friday night to enjoy more music in Ronnie Scott’s, Pure Heaven nightclub, the Bedouin Tent plus JJ and his band in Riverside and comedy acts which included Sara Pascoe in The Salon.

There’s still tickets available for tonight to see The Heritage Orchestra and Goldie playing his Timeless album on the floating stage. Go to


  1. J howard says:

    Does anyone know why the sound was so poor for Chaka Khan at the festival? We were in the front row of the grandstand and we really couldn’t hear her. Strange that the crew didn’t sort it out as they saw people leaving?

  2. Abbe marshall says:

    I thought it was very poor value for money and I was so excited to be seeing her but the one song that we all know and love “I feel for you” was not played what a shame..
    And going off stage didn’t help the crowd attendance..
    I feel a bit let down to be honest.. :-((

  3. M Carmody says:

    Very disapointing performance, the sound was poor, Chaka left the stage for 10 to 15 minutes to “change into something more comfortable” and appeared wearing a different top and boots! despite fans leaving she seemed to ignore the fact, she even left the venue before her band had finished! Henley Festival need to bring back professional performers who understand their fans.


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