Mikron Theatre Company Back in Henley with Best Foot Forward Play

The Mikron Theatre Company are stopping off on their summer tour again in Henley next Wednesday 19 July at the Eyot Boat Centre with their show Best Foot Forward.

Best Foot Forward is written by Maeve Larkin and directed by Marianne McNamara.  The show traces the history of Youth Hosteling from its inception in 1911 in the mind of a young, German teacher-soldier who found himself in No Man’s Land at the Christmas Truce, through to its founding in Britain in the 30s and right up-to-date with modern hostels still holding true to the founding ideals.

Something’s afoot at Pearling Manor and it isn’t just the walkers. The beautiful hostel, rich in YHA history, is lovely but falling apart. External forces are out to grab and turn it into a golf club. Cue Connie, first ever warden, with a heart as big as her rucksack. She takes us on a journey through the YHA’s past in the hope of securing its future.

Caroline White, Chief Executive of YHA (England and Wales), says, “The YHA network has changed beyond recognition in recent years, however many people still remember the days of wardens, chores and curfews. Thankfully, these are long gone but they are absolutely part of YHA’s rich history and what better way to celebrate it than with comedy in this brilliant production.”

Of course, the history of YHA has been full of ups-and-downs and there have been difficult paths and boggy lands to navigate along the way, and Maeve Larkin’s fast-paced and funny script is full of memorable characters, shenanigans and peril, and even a hint of romance along the way; all brought to life by a hugely talented team of four singing, instrument-playing, character-swapping actors.

Marianne McNamara is justly proud of her role as Artistic Director of Mikron and adds, “I take the legacy of Mikron very seriously and our promise to make theatre everywhere for everyone. For 46 years Mikron has toured to places that other companies don’t, and that means we are often deep in heart of the countryside, with no venue nearby, or finding ourselves performing in the most unlikely of places – a boatyard, an allotment site, even inside a tunnel. And this year we will be adding Youth Hostels and Lifeboat Stations to the places we perform in!  Our shows are often performed outdoors and for a majority of them you don’t even need to buy a ticket – we pass a hat around at the end. We love how informal our performances are, and make shows that we can all relate to, and enjoy, whoever we are and wherever we come from!”

The show starts at 7.30pm and you can bring a picnic from 6pm.

No tickets needed. Cash collection after show.

Inside if wet.

For more info contact Dave McEwen on 01491 578658 or see www.mikron.org.uk



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