Business Video Creation Workshop

Most people recognise the increasing influence video makes on our day to day lives, too few small businesses use it as part of their publicity and marketing plans. One of the frustrations of dealing with traditional video production companies is the sheer complication, cost, and effort involved in getting a right result. Well, that just changed with the launch of the Video Creation Workshop – the first in a series of live events to help locally based small local companies to produce a library of video content.

In setting up the Video Creation Workshop, Moving Image Works have removed those objections for companies. We will help them: script any dialogue, design an advert, shoot/Film in a professional studio, edit the footage, add music, add graphics as well as personalise and deliver the final video.

The first event is to be held at the Meadows Farm Film Studios on Tuesday 25 July and 20-minute filming slots will be made available to applicants. The cost is just £120 plus booking fees and VAT with an “early-bird” ticket offer of just £90 plus fees and tax.

Applications for spaces can be made by following this link:


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