Gainsborough Residents Welcome It’s Your Neighbourhood Judges

Gainsborough residents welcomed David Putt and Ros Aitken, judges of the RHS It’s Your Neighbourhood to the estate on Thursday last week.

Chair and Vice Chair of Gainsborough Residents’ Association, David Eggleton and Paula Isaac were joined by Henley Mayor, Councillor Kellie Hinton to show the judges around the estate and to talk about the community projects and initiatives.

Over the last year the estate has seen a new disabled ramp installed in Gainsborough Crescent and two new disabled bays, the car parking spaces in Gainsborough Hill have been remarked out which has created two new spaces, residents have attended a free first aid training after an accident at the playground which was run by resident who is a First Aid trainer.

The judges stopped off to talk to Duncan and Hazel Birrell who have a beautiful front garden.  Duncan said, “When we first moved in 16 years ago you couldn’t see the house, it was totally overgrown.  I grow everything from seed and lots of people stop and ask me about the garden and the plants.  I like to give cuttings to other residents too.”

David Eggleton said, “We’re getting a lot more people involved.  I’d like to thank my Mum and Dad for replanting the troughs at the front of the estate this year.  One of the next projects is to plant some bulbs around the old Oak Tree on the entry to Gainsborough Crescent – snowdrops, crocuses and narcisis.”

Ros who came to judge the estate when they first entered in 2014. Ros said, “There’s an incredible improvement since I last came.  David really puts his heart and soul into the estate.  He’s really passionate and through is enthusiasm he’s getting the whole of the community doing a little bit.”

The estate was awarded a Level 4 (Thriving) award last year for the third time last year – they are hoping for a Level 5 Outstanding this year.  Good luck everyone.

a dog bowl with water and poo bags outside one of the houses for people leaving the park


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