DDA’s Summer Workshop Stars Wow in ‘Matilda’

Based on the talent displayed at DDA’s ‘Matilda’, The West End looks set for an influx of young stars from Henley-on-Thames. The Divas and Dudes Dance Academy Summer Workshop, run by Stephanie Maxwell, culminated in a stunning performance at Trinity Hall on Friday 28th July.

The workshop ran from 24th-28th of July for children aged 5-12. Each day, they rehearsed a shortened production of the musical ‘Matilda’, with songs, dances and script to master before the curtain rose. For their shining moment, each actor was in full costume, and the set was decorated to look like a classroom. The group of over 30 children delighted their audience, with applause and laughter ringing throughout the room. This was particularly impressive given how little time the troupe had to prepare. In her opening address, Principal Stephanie pointed out that they had less than 15 hours of rehearsal time, and with lunch breaks, it was closer to only 12!

The children weren’t the only ones who benefited from the fun of the theatre; the DDA used the show to raise money for the British Lung Foundation, taking donations and directing proceeds towards the charity.

Though “sometimes you have to be a little bit naughty” in ‘Matilda’, the boys and girls displayed nothing but excellence in their performance. Congratulations to the DDA Summer Workshop stars for their wonderful production.


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