New Pay and Display Machines in SODC Henley Car Parks

Motorists using district council car parks in Henley (Kings Road, Grey’s Road and Southfields (off Goodall Close) will soon benefit from the use of new pay and display machines.

Following a successful trial, the new machines will be installed in August. They will allow you to pay by credit and debit card and also accept coins, including the new £1. Old £1 coins will continue to be accepted until they cease circulation on 15 October.

Motorists will also still be able to pay by mobile phone via the Connect Cashless system.

When using the new machines you will need to insert your vehicle registration on the key pad when paying to park.

The new machines will be much cheaper and easier to maintain than the current stock which is a number of years old. The system will be powered by solar panels making it much cheaper and greener to run and, where possible, will be installed into the existing machine holders to save waste.

Cllr David Nimmo-Smith, Cabinet Member for the 5 Councils Partnership and Corporate Services Contracts at South Oxfordshire District Council, said: “The new machines introduce debit/credit card payments to our car parks for the first time which will be a great help for those who don’t like to carry change around. Using solar panels means we’re making another small contribution to reducing the environmental impact of the council.”

  1. Dave Murray says:

    Henley Town Council need to sort out their parking meters. They won’t accept the “new” 10p and 5p coins which have been in circulation for years now. They won’t accept the new £1 coin either. Also, the one I tried to use the other day was set to the incorrect time.

    • Helen Barnett, Henley Town Manager says:

      I am sorry for any problems that you have experienced. The parking machines in Kings Road and Greys Road car parks are run by South Oxfordshire District Council, they are being replaced in August.


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