Harpsden Road Resurfaced

Harpsden Road has finally been resurfaced by Oxfordshire County Council this week.

Henley’s County Councillor Stefan Gawrysiak said, “We are making progress with sorting out the roads in Henley – Kings Road done, Harpsden Road done and Hop Gardens to come. I have toured all of Henley and logged what I regard as the outstanding issues. I am meeting to priorities this work with the officers of OCC. Progress is being made.”

  1. David Nimmo Smith says:

    Typical of HRG to take credit for other people’s efforts. All these road works were actioned initially by his County Councillor predecessor – and he knows it. And so do you.

    • henley massive says:

      Maybe if Mr Nimmo Smith had done something about the shabby state of Harpsden Road sooner, he’d still be in office? And if he were, I would ask him how the upgrade of Playhatch Road into Sonning Eye, to prevent flooding, is going….. BBC Berkshire nailed him on his promises after the last big flood, when it was closed for weeks, and all he had was excuses and no action….


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