Commuter Train Adjustments

Henley Trains remind commuters that from Monday (4th) the 0742 Henley to Paddington service will become an 0738 service to Twyford, connecting with an 8 carriage high speed train stopping at Maidenhead and Paddington.   The overall journey time will be shorter.  Don’t arrive late!

The 1711 through train from Paddington to Henley will also cease.  Take the 1705 or 1718 to Twyford instead and change.

These changes are all in preparation for the full electrification of the main line from Paddington during the winter.  At that point surburban mainline trains will become eight car electric trains (rather than the 2-6 cars now) and the main line capacity will increase still further.   The last two through trains (0708 Henley to Paddington and 1905 Paddington to Henley) will also become change-at-Twyford at that point.

The plan to electrify the branch is indefinitely postponed, hence local diesels (2 car now, 3 from the winter) and electrics on the mainline.

Henley Trains recommend that anyone wishing to try a smooth electric service now take the existing scheduled 1936 weekday connection back from London, non stop to Maidenhead.  This overtakes the 1927 which will come behind to take people one stop on to Twyford for the branch.  It’s quiet and smooth.  The “Electrostars” accelerate fast to 110mph versus the slow warm up on the existing diesels to 90mph.

Henley Trains are happy to help with queries to or on twitter @Henleytrains.


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