Jessica Celebrates Birthday with River Litter Pick

Jessica Sinclair celebrated her birthday on Tuesday this week with a river litter pick on her paddle board with her husband, Nic in a rowing boat and friend Maria paddle boarding too.

Jessica got the idea after being invited to the AC Project last week by Maria who works as an architect in Bourne End where the group often meet.  The AC Project is part of the Project GB – Give Back to clean up the river and was started by Alicja Chaba from Poland who lives in Maidenhead.  Alicja, whose nickname is now ‘Garbage Girl’ wanted to give back to the UK before she left to return to her home country.

Jessica and Maria planned to join the Bourne End group again this week but it was cancelled due to rain.  Jessica said, “As it was dry in Henley where Maria and I both live and we were encouraged by Alicja to go out in Henley.  We managed to cleared the river from Rod Eyot to the end of Bird Island. We found lots of soft drinks bottles, crisp packets, etc but was surprised to find a working marker pen floating in the reeds and a working red safety light which we were able to put straight to use as darkness approached! The worst thing was finding a carrier bag full of rubbish…though happy it finally found its rightful place!

Afterwards Jessica celebrated with a take away curry at home but plans to celebrate her birthday this weekend with a meal in London.

Jessica hopes to get more people involved and the next area to tackle would be the Regatta Stretch from the bridge down to Temple Island next week.  If you are interested in joining Jessica get in touch with her via the Henley-on-Thames Wellbeing Facebook group.


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