DJ King Helps Burglary Victim Recover Stolen Jewellery

A burglary victim from Henley is set to be reunited with her stolen jewellery thanks to quick thinking of a local jeweller and a neighbourhood PCSO.

On 29 August, Sam Buckett Owner of DJ King jewellers contacted neighbourhood police after he became suspicious when he was offered two small bags of jewellery in return for cash by a lady. He declined the jewellery and the person offering it left the store.

A PCSO attended the store, spoke to the jeweller and viewed CCTV footage of the exchange. Following a subsequent police investigation, many items of suspected stolen jewellery have been recovered from a shop in Reading.

Detective Sergeant Aidan Donohoe said: “This jewellery has been identified as coming from a burglary at a house in the Henley area that happened in late August. The victim is delighted that police have been able to recover the jewellery and was particularly grateful the jeweller had called police.

“This was an excellent example of a local business, working together with the Henley neighbourhood policing team to prevent and detect crime. I would ask that any business that deals in second hand jewellery be alert to suspicious transactions and contact us if they have concerns about the provenance of jewellery that is offered to them for sale.”

Sam Buckett said, “My suspicions that the jewellery was possibly from a crime was because of the lady’s strange and erratic behaviour.  She didn’t know what she had with her and she said she was in rush to get back to pick up her children from school which wasn’t right as it was still the school holidays. When I told her she wouldn’t get the cash for the scrap there and then her whole demeanour changed too.  I really pleased and relieved that I’ve helped save a bit of some old English crafted jewellery which will continue and be returned to its owner.  I understand that it was minutes away from being melted.”

The victim, who doesn’t wish to be named said, “My entire jewellery box was taken with things which I’ve had from the year dot.  Not everything has been recovered, particularly those items of high value and sentimental value.  It is amazing that they have recovered anything.  I’m so grateful to the the police who have been beyond helpful and to the jeweller for acting so promptly which has meant we have recovered some of the items.  I understand the lady who took the jewellery into DJ King was known to the police and she was helpful in confirming who the items were sold to. Some of the items recovered were my Mum’s who passed away 13 years ago and up until recently were in storage including a beautiful Victorian hairbrush.  This made it difficult for me to tell the police what was missing. I’d also like to thank my letting agent, who promptly fixed the entry window and contacted the police.  I’m waiting to find out whether some bags which have been recovered in Birmingham are some of the high value items.”



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