Phyllis Court Swings like Crazy at Goodman-Miller Carnegie Hall Jazz Concert

Live Jazz at Phyllis Court Club Live Jazz at Phyllis Court Club Live Jazz at Phyllis Court Club Live Jazz at Phyllis Court Club Live Jazz at Phyllis Court Club

Regarded as the finest jazz spectacle ever, the Goodman-Miller Carnegie Hall Concert of 1939 is revered by big band fans. On Sunday night, 17 September, the Ballroom at Phyllis Court swung into life with the entire repertoire from this famous concert, including Don’t Be That Way, Sing Sing Sing, I Got Rhythm, If Dreams Come True and Springtime in the Rockies.

Phyllis Court’s Live Jazz Interest Group hosted The Pete Long Orchestra from the Jazz Repertory Company. This was a night of nostalgia, as Pete’s orchestra recreated the minute-by-minute programme played by Glenn Miller and Benny Goodman, on a memorable New York night in October 1939. The evening was a celebration of this historic encounter between the two giants of popular music.

Back in October 1939, with Europe at war, Goodman already had a jazz following; Miller was newer to the game. This was the clash of the titans. If Goodman thought he’d stolen the night with “Sing Sing Sing”, he was outdone by Miller’s response with “Bugle Call Rag”. Both bands were out to impress, and the result was one of the hardest hitting nights in swing history.

The Jazz Repertoire Company brought this historic jazz event back to life with star turns from the soloists and the ensemble playing the pieces with magnificent precision. As the 180 Phyllis Court members experienced for themselves, this results in an evening of fabulous music that swings like crazy!

Phyllis Court’s Live Interest Jazz Group run several jazz events throughout the year. Elisabeth Wood from the Jazz Group Committee said, “The Goodman-Miller Carnegie Hall replica concert had been the biggest and most powerful event yet. This concert was a massive success. Our members were delighted, with many of them complimenting us on how magnificent the occasion was as soon as it ended.”

The Live Interest Jazz Group will be celebrating its 10th year in 2018. They are already planning a fantastic celebratory day in June to mark this special milestone.

As for who won the Benny Goodman-Glenn Miller showdown in 1939? The Jazz Repertory Company will be recreating Jazz at Carnegie Hall all over again in London’s Cadogan Hall, Sloane Square on 23 September. As Pete Long says: “You are very welcome to come along and decide for yourself”.

More information about the The Jazz Repertory Company can be found on their website

The Live Interest Jazz Group is just one of over 30 special interest group members can join at Phyllis Court Club.  For further information about Phyllis Court Club please contact or call 01491 570500.


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